Technology Advancements Force Lawyers for Hidden Surveillance Tools

Being a fantastic lawyer when managing a divorce matter is not about understanding the fundamentals anymore. It is not only about understanding the right forms, understanding the court’s principles, and maintaining client confidence.

Being a fantastic lawyer is about being aware of the degree of tremendous progress in international technology. It is about staying attentive to the impact this technological progress has on all legal instances and notably on divorce cases.

Now, this technological advancement has spawned the production and application of covert surveillance apparatus and applications that subsequently produce issues both for your attorney and for your customer.

If you’re thinking about representing yourself at the family court system in almost any jurisdiction you want to understand this technology when there’s even the slightest distrust between the parties in a divorce or family matter.

Now’s technology brings with it several amenities. At precisely the same time it also brings with it as many risks for your privacy.

Imagine that you’re a lawyer representing a client or just a partner who wishes to represent herself or himself in a divorce situation. Now let us add one little element. Let us assume there’s a little degree of distrust between the husband and wife in the divorce situation. That is it.

This is 1 question. Do you understand about Patrolman GPS, FamilyMap, or even MobiStealth?

If you do not then you might choose to know about these and the countless different devices and applications programs that exist by this progress of technology.

If you’re a lawyer representing a divorce client and the opposing party appears to be one step ahead of you each moment, or if you represent yourself and also the same issue is occurring then you want to jump on the internet and discover about these and a lot of other services and devices fairly fast!

Allow me to present you fast to only this little sample just if you don’t understand about these.


Patrolman GPS is a tiny black device that does not appear fancy and isn’t hard to overlook. This GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device can be set in your pocket, in your vehicle, in your briefcase, on your glove compartment, bag, bowling ball bag, or perhaps set in a magnetic instance and concealed somewhere in your automobile where it goes undetected. This system takes seconds to conceal or connect to the selected location. It can monitor your every physical motion by way of a transmitter that offers satellite information in your place to the contributor of their apparatus’s satellite monitoring support.


FamilyMap is an add-on for your AT&T Cell mobile services. If you don’t understand exactly what this service is, what it does, AND you take good care of paying for the cell phone bill then you would not even know that you’re being monitored by GPS built into your cell phone. Should you choose your mobile phone with you and have the AT&T service then your partner could add the support, pay the invoice and you would never know you’re being monitored with this information listed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Now attorneys who represent divorce customers will make you sit and have your eyes peeled out of your socks.

MobiStealth is a monitoring program that may be set up and remain completely hidden on a lot of mobile phones and can be connected both to the telephone and a GPS Satellite monitoring system. It’s reputed that this concealed mobile phone app can be set up at a moment or 2. Here are what it’s been said it could perform.

1. Store copies of emails, telephone logs, and SMS which were delivered and sent from the cell phone.

2. Automatically recover the GPS coordinates of locations that you visited and also offer real-time GPS monitoring of your place at any given moment.

3. Secretly record your telephone calls. Or be programmed to record only the calls for certain amounts and also perform reverse telephone number look-ups to find out who the telephone are all made to or received from.

4. Retrieve your videos and pictures.

5. Record of the telephone’s surroundings. It can literally flip on the telephone’s microphone to secretly record conversations that are inside or just out of earshot.

6. Maintain a detailed list of bookmarks, chat sessions, and calendar events and also be advised of new contacts that were added to the contacts or address book.

7. This app can allegedly also get you the internet browsing history of the man employing the mobile phone it is installed on.

These technology and surveillance apparatus and applications ought to be considered for several facets. If you like your privacy then you can have difficulty. Should you use your telephone to speak with your lawyer then you ought to be worried about the violation of this attorney/client privilege.

To acquire sufficient legal protections, you or your attorney might want to file moves to prevent additional invasion or confirm the criminal nature of the surveillance based on the jurisdiction you reside in and also the holdings of the authority.

Technology issues in most cases are no longer optional for attorneys, particularly those who practice divorce legislation since these cases are more likely to give a reason for their usage. Divorce is a completely new ball game people. Understanding technology is not optional for attorneys or your typical citizen.

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